Professional Internship Program


Who is this program for?

This program (the AIPP Professional Internship Program) is a highly specialised program specifically designed for domestic & international students/graduates to be the ultimate solution to the problem all students/graduates have: Bridging the gap between your studies, and successfully entering the Australian workforce.

This program is available in all industries Australia-wide, and is fully customised to your preferences when you enrol including but not limited to your preferred:

  • Duration, Start date, End date
  • Industry, Tasks & duties
  • Geographic location
  • Hours, and more
Registered AIPP Assessment Interviewer

Candidates must hold and intend to use one of the following visas to be eligible to participate in this program:

  • Australian Citizens
  • Permanent Australian Residents
  • Candidates who already hold any of the following visas:
    • Student Visa (500)
    • Working Holiday Visa (417)
    • Work and Holiday Visa (462)
    • Graduate Visa (485)
    • Spouse Visa

For more information about these visas, to check your eligibility for them, or to find out about other visa options AIPP may be able to sponsor a visa for you under, please visit our visa information page.

While it is true that there are cases where candidates who do this program receive offers from employers to sponsor their visa under a “Temporary Work (Skilled) visa 457”, under which a qualified candidates may then apply for Australian Permanent Residency, this program should not be considered a pathway to Australian Permanent Residency. Rather, its purpose is to provide candidates with Australian work experience, skill development, etc., throughout the program. Offers of ongoing employment / visa sponsorship are just a bonus.

When should you enrol?

There is no maximum as to how early in advance of your placement you should enrol into this program. In fact, the earlier you enrol before you want to start your internship, the more time you are providing AIPP to reserve upcoming internship opportunities for you at our many host company partners, to better match positions with your interests.

As per the program stages & timeframes outlined below, in order to complete the stages of the program required to organise your internship successfully, it is best if you enrol at least 6 weeks before you wish to start your internship

Time is limited and we never get the chance to re-do the exact same moment twice. With this in mind, recognise that your dream to do an internship in Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will have. So why not make it the best possible experience it can be? If you’re sure you want to come to Australia to do an internship, enrol now so we can make your dream your reality

Program Stages:

  • Stage 1/5: Enquiry & Enrolment
  • Duration: N/A
  • Stage 2/5: Admission
  • Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Stage 3/5: Interview Preparation
  • Duration: 1-3 weeks
  • Stage 4/5: Interview & Placement
  • Duration: 2-6 weeks
  • Stage 5/5: Monitoring & Support
  • Duration: Duration of your internship placement

Total Processing Duration: 2 to 8 weeks

Program Process Flow / Service Delivery Process Overview

Program Outline & Delivery Process Flow


Program Offering:

This is a highly specialised program and is currently only on offer under the following conditions:

  • Program Duration: 5 weeks to 26 weeks
  • Internship Industries:
    Accounting, Architecture, Biological research, Business administration and management, CAD Drafting, Charities & non-profit, Customer service, Digital Marketing, Engineering – Civil, Engineering – Energy, Engineering – Industrial, Engineering – Other, Engineering – Structural, Environmental science, Event management, Finance, Funds management, Lending, Mortgage & Stock brokering, Graphic design, Hospitality Management, Human Resources, Import / Export, Insurance, Interior design, IT (Information Technology), Logistics, Manufacturing, Market research, Marketing, Pharmaceutical, Photography, Physiotherapy, Procurement, Public relations, Real Estate, Shipping, Social Media, Telecommunications, Trade

Key benefits of joining:

  1. internship placement guaranteeGenuine chance for you to receive an offer of employment (and visa sponsorship if required) upon the successful completion of your program from your AIPP Host Company
  2. Gain professional work experience you need in your field/industry/sector of choice that Australian employers expect/require you to have before they will consider you as serious candidate for job opportunities
  3. Exposure to professional contacts within your preferred field/industry/sector of choice for future career opportunities
  4. Boost your employability through the development/refinement/recognition of your practical skills
  5. Development of your confidence, interview skills, communication skills, cross-cultural skills, resume skills, & more
  6. An AIPP Certificate of Completion, and a letter of recommendation from your AIPP Host Company
  7. Inclusion in AIPP’s Talent Pool, through which you may be introduced to Australian companies looking to hire students/graduates

Enrolment Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be of good health and character
  • Have a genuine intention to undertake this program
  • Have a valid visa to be in Australia (as per the Visa Options section above)
  • Have a minimum English ability of:
    • IELTS 4.0 average or equivalent for industries matching program code D (as per the program fees page)
    • IELTS 6.0 average or equivalent for industries matching program codes A, B, C, E (as per the program fees page)

How to Enrol:

Once you have checked that you meet the eligibility criteria above, you’re ready to enrol!

To enrol, you simply need to tell us your preferences regarding what kind of internship you would like to do via our enrolment form, and the enrolment form will automatically direct you to a payment option page where you will be presented with the choice to start your program by providing either:

  1. A $500 instalment, or
  2. The full program fee for your program as per the program fee page (please note customers who choose this option will receive a $100 discount)

Once your payment is received, your application will progress to Stage 1.2: Admission

Want to talk with us before you enrol?

AIPP has hundreds of dedicated representative agents around the world who consult customers on our programs / opportunities you can book a consultation with, and visit face-to-face. Alternatively, AIPP’s Customer Service Staff are always friendly and happy to help answer questions, assisting you to make the right decision for you to advance your career.

To see our Customer Service contact details, and our list of representative agents, simply check out our Contact Us page

AIPP Graduate Career Success Mentor

We sincerely look forward to helping you achieve your goals through our program. To begin now, please start by telling us your preferences via enrolment form

Upon AIPP’s receipt of your payment as per the enrolment stage, the following steps will occur:

  • You will be emailed:
    • An acknowledgement of your enrolment and your invoice
    • A welcome / introductory message confirming the next steps and procedure of the program
    • An AIPP Certificate of Enrolment (COE) to formally acknowledge their admission into the program
  • You will receive a welcome call from your appointed AIPP Success Mentor, who will be your designated contact point at AIPP for the duration of your program

Your application will progress to Stage 2: Pre-internship Training Components



In this stage the following steps will occur:

  1. You will then be provided a copy of AIPP’s Proven Resume Template which the candidate will be asked to use to update their existing resume
  2. Upon updating your resume, the you will asked to share their updated resume to AIPP for professional polishing. Through this step, your resume will be polished / refined professionally such that it has a real chance to get the right kind of attention of hiring managers – and contain the actual work experience / training you need to land a professional internship position with a reputable Australian company.
  3. Once AIPP has professionally polished the your resume, AIPP will provide you a copy of the candidate’s professionally polished resume for your reference.

Once the above steps are completed, you will automatically progress to the next stage of the program; Stage 2.2: Personality Profiling

Picture of AIPP Internship Students

DISC personality profile test


As part of your professional internship program, AIPP will provide you a professional personality profiling test to help you learn and understand what natural talents / traits you may have that will enable you to discover what type of role will suit you best for you to excel in your career naturally.

These results will be shared with you, such that you may retain and refer to them for future application, and generally serve as a guide for your career.


  • AIPP Training guides on:
    • How to research a company properly before your interview
    • How to dress / what to bring to your interview
    • What to do when you arrive for your interview
    • Modern interview question examples and successful answering techniques
    • What to write in a thank you email after your interview
  • Worksheets on key training materials

We work hard to partner and organise with reputable host companies all over Australia that provide meaningful and valuable work experiences that match with the skills and experiences you need to gain to help you achieve your career goals and kick-start your career.

Once you are part-way though your 5x one-to-one training sessions with AIPP’s Success Mentors, our Corporate Engagement Division will begin organising your internship position with one of our host company partners that matches with your preferred tasks & duties, location, start date, etc., you specified in your enrolment form.

Once AIPP receives confirmation from one of our Host Company Partners of interest in your candidacy, we will ask you to complete your remaining program fee so you can begin your internship

Once your program fee has been paid in full, AIPP will coordinate an interview time on your behalf based on your availabilities, and that of the interviewer in the Host Company. (For offshore candidates, this interview will typically be held over Skype or phone)

You will have up to three interviews organised for you with different host companies in this stage

Each interview will be organised once the decision from the initial Host Company is known

Second and third interviews will only be organised if the outcome of the previous interview requires it

Once the Host Company has confirmed with AIPP that they will accept you, AIPP will distribute formal Notice of Appointment to both you and the Host Company to confirm the details of the placement.

Successful Candidates:

Candidates who successfully pass this stage will naturally progress to the next stage of the program; Stage 3: Internship Period Components

Failed Candidates:

Progression of the program will come to an end for candidates who unfortunately fail all 3 interviews in this stage.

In the unlikely event that AIPP fails to procure a placement that meets your preferences, you will be entitled to a full refund less the USD$200 enrolment assessment fee. (In other words, you will have received all of the training components, resume polishing service, etc., for just USD$200, and your remaining program fees paid to date will be refunded).


When you join this program, you will gain work experience & mentoring directly from your supervisor(s) of your AIPP host company.

Additionally, you will have resume and cover letter training, one-on-one mock interview and feedback, and LinkedIn construction training, and more, aimed specifically at entering successful companies in your chosen industry.


  • LinkedIn Construction
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Guidance
  • Business Development Skills
  • Professional Presentation Instructions

You will receive exposure to a broad range of business activities such that upon completing this program, you will be able to walk into / be introduced to a company & understand from A to Z how the industry works, and know how to do the job. Discover true insight into the day-to-day operation of a highly competitive firm, have the opportunity to work in a team and gain valuable hands-on experience in doing real-life cases / work.


Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills.

Professionally, if you are applying for jobs or looking for a promotion with your current employer, you will almost certainly need to demonstrate good communication skills. Communication skills are needed to speak appropriately with a wide variety of people whilst maintaining good eye contact, demonstrate a varied vocabulary and tailor your language to your audience, listen effectively, present your ideas appropriately, write clearly and concisely, and work well in a group. Many of these are essential skills that employers seek.

The best way to develop any skill is to use it. You will have extensive levels of exposure to the senior management team who will help you grow


You will receive personalised, one to one training and support to polish your resume professionally such that it has a real chance to get the right kind of attention of hiring managers – and contain the actual work experience / training you need to land a professional job position with a company in your chosen industry


Well performing candidates will have a legitimate opportunity for an offer of employment from their host company upon the successful completion of their internship.

Additionally, AIPP may actively introduce well performing candidates to additional employers upon notice of suitable job openings.

NOTE: In an effort to encourage frequent offers of employment, AIPP does not charge candidates nor host companies / employers recruitment fees in the event of a host company / employer wanting to hire an AIPP candidate, nor create any additional form of barrier preventing employers from hiring candidates. On the contrary, AIPP provides candidates pre, during, & post training initiatives for candidates in an effort to boost candidate’s employability.


You’ll receive an official AIPP Certificate Of Completion once you successfully finish your program for your future reference, and a letter of reference from your AIPP Host Company

After you complete the program successfully, you’ll enter AIPP’s talent pool, through which you’ll be actively exposed / introduced to AIPP’s network of host companies for suitable job positions that arise.

Great placement opportunities to connect you with great potential employers. Outstanding candidates will have interview opportunities through our network.

* Receipt of component is subject to candidate’s performance and suitability of available positions.

Program Components

As per the above, this program includes components A-K as per the table below*

* Please refer to the enrolment terms and conditions of agreement for the full description of each component.

There are no additional services / fees required for you to participate in this program other than the program fee indicated in the program fees page

Please be reminded that you are responsible to ensure you comply with your visa’s requirements. So if your visa requires you to have an active Australian Health Insurance Policy in place for the duration of your visa, AIPP will expect you will uphold your obligation.

As optional, extra services, AIPP can assist you in organising the following:

  1. Airport pickup services
  2. Plane ticket arrangements
  3. Accommodation arrangements

If you would like to learn more about these services, please simply ask our Customer Service team

Program Fees, Payment Schedule, & Payment Methods

As per the tables found on the Program Fees & Components tab, this program’s total program fees payable to AIPP range from AUD$1,200 to AUD$1,980

Applicants are required to pay an initial down-payment of AUD$500 to commence their enrolment, and then their remaining program fees once AIPP has successfully secured interest from one of our suitable host company partners in interviewing you.

Alternatively, applicants can pay their full program fees upfront to receive a AUD$100 discount.

For a step-by-step break-down of the program’s fees due at each stage, including refund points and amounts of refunds, please refer to the Program Delivery Process Flow table (above).

This program’s program fees vary subject to the industry of your choice.

Please see the table below for the range of internship program options currently on offer.

AIPP Professional Internship Program*

* Health insurance / transport fees / visa fees are not included or covered by AIPP’s program fees.

AIPP supports payments from the following payment methods:

  • All major credit, eftpos, and debit cards
  • Direct bank transfer (domestic and international)
  • PayPal

Whats The Next Step?

Whether you’re currently located overseas, or you’re in Australia, or you’re a student, or you’ve already graduated, if you want to do an internship in Australia, AIPP is the perfect solution for you.

Throughout the course of our company history, we have worked directly with colleges, universities, host companies, government agencies, and individuals from all over the world to organise thousands of professional internship programs in all industries all over Australia, so enrol today we can definitely do the same for you!

Testimonials & Feedback

What people are saying about their experience with AIPP

We’re received a lot of great feedback from our students over the years and are putting together our own “Wall of Fame” below to share with the world the source of our inspiration – helping interns get past their obstacles and develop your employability skills to give you a real chance to succeed in getting the career of your dreams – and helping our host company partners find well matched interns!


Host Companies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AIPP’s professional internship programs are designed for domestic and international students and graduates with professional internship programs in Australia, hosted by reputable Australian companies committed to helping passionate students gain meaningful experience in their chosen field(s).

This program is the solution to an important problem

In this highly competitive market and with the current economic difficulties, it is increasingly difficult and common for students to struggle to find a full-time, paying job. The biggest issue is that companies now require students to have experience before they will hire anyone. For students who do not have experience yet, this means that they cannot get a job until they first gain professional work experience.

The way employers think is simple: More experience is better than less experience. So the sooner you start, the better. Often students make the mistake of thinking to start an internship after they graduate, or after their exams, etc., but this is exactly the mistake that can prevent you from entering a good company as soon as you graduate. Why? Because while one student is resting, another student is gaining professional experience. And employers always choose the best candidates. And often the first job a student gets has a huge impact on their future career opportunities, so gaining internship experience now is very important to make yourself as competitive as possible in the future.

Additionally, it is recommended that you start your internship program straight away, and simply do your internship 1-2 days a week during your busy periods because after university life it is normal to be busy with many things at the same time, so showing your future employers that you managed to do an internship while you were studying will add considerable credibility to your personal professional profile and employability success.



We have full confidence in our ability to train you and organise a successful, professional internship placement for you that AIPP provides a 100% money back guarantee to organise your placement within 45 days of you joining program (please note the average placement time requirement is 2 weeks).

AIPP has networks of relationships with thousands of reputable Australian companies all over Australia in every industry. As per the above, AIPP will organise an internship placement for you with one of AIPP’s Host Company Partners. Which of AIPP’s host company partners you will intern with depends on a few factors, starting with your preferences. Your internship placement will be customised to meet the conditions you specify in your AIPP enrolment form. For example, if you decide you want to do an accounting internship in Sydney city starting in September in a roll gaining experience with MYOB, then that is exactly what AIPP will organise for you.

So you can get an idea of some of the different role types available, a sample list of some new / recent internship opportunities our Host Company Partners have offered are available for you to see here. Ultimately if there is a particular role you would like to do that is not currently on display in the sample list, please enrol anyway and specify your preferences in your enrolment form as we will customise our program to your preferences. If we are unable to meet your criteria, you will receive a refund of your program fees as is the policy of our agreement. Additionally, unless requested, AIPP guarantees that your internship will not only be administrative / clerical. We negotiate with our Host Company Partner for you on your behalf for you to receive great training and exposure throughout your internship.

Regarding the disclosure of the names of our thousands of host company partners, there are too many to list so we only provide a sample list of some of our host company partners which you may like to review here. Additionally, much like you are a client to us, our Host Company Partners are our clients too, and ultimately we have a service we must provide to them. Part of this service is to screen for the right candidates for them that meet their criteria, and save them from unnecessary harassment from unsuitable candidates. It is only once a candidate has enrolled, been fully screened for eligibility by AIPP, and trained, is AIPP able to introduce our candidates to our host company clients as part of our quality control service requirement to our Host Company Partners.

Separately, as a general practice we do not allow candidates to nominate any one specific company or position at any one company as part of their enrolment, for the reason being that it is possible you may be rejected by that Host Company Partner and your program would come to a meaningless end. Therefore, instead, you are required to specify your preferred criteria in your enrolment form. And then, using that information for our reference, we then match you to one of our suitable host company partners that meet your specified criteria.

Again, to be clear, your internship placement will be organised based on the criteria you specify in your AIPP enrolment form, so you can be confident AIPP will organise an internship placement that matches your preferences.

Generally speaking there are more benefits to gain through doing an internship at a smaller or medium sized company rather than a larger one, such as:

  1. In a small organisation, you can make a bigger impact. In small organisations, processes tend to be more streamlined and more visible, so you can see the impact of your work relatively faster.
  2. The work you do will impress your manager and build a quality relationship. Many placements with smaller companies are project based. This means that you can take ownership of a task and see it through to the end – something that will impress your manager and your future employers. In addition, you will be closely involved with the entire business process and get a real insight into how the business operates.
  3. You will develop key employability skills. As mentioned in the above point, in a small organisation, you are more likely to be responsible for your own project. your initiative will be tested and you’ll be able to develop your leadership, team collaboration, and time management and communication skills.
  4. Your placement can be tailored to suit you. Work experience at a small organisation is unlikely to follow a set of rules, predetermined schedules and it should be possible to give you enough flexibility to tailor made the job description that reflects your interests.
  5. Most importantly, show that you can consistently deliver good quality work to the host company, and there’s a good chance you’ll stay as a full time employee. A high number of small employers will be able to provide students further work after their placement, from additional projects to full-time employment when you graduate.

Unpaid work is lawful if it is a genuine work Fair Work Commissionexperience, vocational placement or volunteering arrangement. AIPP is fully compliant with the Fair Work Australia’s Guidelines for Vocational Placements, Unpaid Work Experience, & Internships as per Fair Work Australia’s ( stipulation:

“A work experience arrangement or internship is when a person works for a business to gain experience in a particular occupation or industry. These arrangements can be a valuable way for prospective employees to make the transition from study to work or explore a new career path. Sometimes these arrangements span several months and can lead to ongoing employment.

Unpaid work can take on different forms – from vocational placements, unpaid internships, unpaid work experience and unpaid trials. They are entered into for a number of reasons such as giving a person experience in a job or industry”

When you participate in a work experience or internship placement through AIPP, AIPP always puts the welfare of interns as its first priority in an effort to help make sure that the main benefit of our genuine work placement or internship flows to the intern doing the placement. AIPP therefore is meeting its obligations under the Commonwealth workplace law, and is fully compliant with the Fair Work Australia guidelines. For detail information, please visit:

AIPP’s program fee is $1,500. The payment structure is a 2 payment process. The first is $500 upon registration. With this payment, your registration is finalised and our contract with you becomes formalised, and we officially start our services for you.  (Please note however that anyone who enrols after 11 Feb 2016 engineering program registrants will need to pay $1800 not $1500 as the positions are becoming more and more rare and hard to enter). Once we have a host company that has confirmed interest in interviewing you, we ask you for the remaining $1000 before introducing you to the host company. As per our agreement, if we fail to gain this interest from the host company, we do not charge you the $1000 and we return to you your $500 (so you receive a full refund).If you fail that interview, we are obligated to organise another 2 interviews for you or provide you a full refund, as per our terms and conditions. Please understand that the program  is generally structured to provide you an internship placement with our various training’s to support you in securing that position. That is our purpose and the purpose of the program, so our program, our actions, our contract, etc., are all tailor fitted to achieve that purpose. You will also notice that our enrolment form is all geared toward organising your placement for you successfully, fit with your specified.

  • We would like to inform you that you can get to choose the days you do your internship, full-time or part-time, the city/location and your preferred duties/role. We completely customise to what you want, and what will help you start your career! If you would like to join, please fill in the enrolment form found here and complete the payment for this program (you will be directed to a payment page once you submit your enrolment form)
  • In regards to the duration of the internship, we let you choose how long you want to do the internship but we always recommend 12 weeks duration. This is to ensure that you have have had enough time to complete a significant amount of training (because usually after a host company has invested a lot of time in you, they want to keep you in their team), also 12 weeks

Our program, the AIPP Professional Internship Program, exists to assist professionals (whether recent graduate or not, there is no limit in terms of years) who are making a career change and students to help them kickstart their career in their chosen profession (and in many cases, get an offer of employment from their host company upon the completion of their internship)..

In the case of Engineering it could take anything between 2-8 weeks to organise a placement. Engineering is a rare but well sought after placement. As per AIPP’s terms and conditions, if AIPP is unable to organise an Internship Placement for the student within 60 days, AIPP would provide a refund.

As this would in no way be AIPP failing to deliver our service, you would not qualify for a refund. Separately, generally speaking our host companies have intentions to hire our candidates after their internship, so if you expect you will get a job elsewhere while you are enrolled in our program, we would advise that you do not join our program as we are only looking to take on committed candidates.However if you have been looking for a position yourself for some time, and you are finding your applications are not being fruitful, then I would recommend you join our program ASAP so we can help you start your career.

  • I am afraid to tell you that the position will not begin as paid but it is common that it may become paid. Generally speaking, the reason a person does an internship is because employers in Australia expect people to have work experience before they will consider hiring / paying the person. Therefore, the purpose of your internship is for you to gain work experience and develop their work skills. Once you have done this, the employer(s) will recognise your ability to contribute value to their organisation, and it is this that boosts your employability, giving you a real chance to be hired as an employee (in fact the last candidate we placed in HR even received visa sponsorship).
  • Please keep in mind that culturally in Australia it is standard for Internships to be unpaid as you will be gaining valuable experience in your chosen profession as part of your training program. Once you gain more work experience, employers will see you as being positioned to be able to contribute value to their organisation, thereby boosting your employability and qualifying you to thereafter receive pay. Until a person meets this criteria, it is very rare that a host company will provide a paid internship position. Some good news, however, is that more than half our candidates end up getting an offer of employment and in many cases visa sponsorship from our host company partners upon the successful completion of their internship, so it is definitely possible that you may experience the same outcome and start to gain payment from then.

The trouble that you have been having about being stuck in your career due to inadequate local work experience is a very common issue. In fact, it is the standard issue almost everyone has, because Australian culture requires a person to show initiative and do an internship before a company will think seriously about hiring them – and this is why we as a business exist and have so many candidates. Some good news for you however is that we currently have many internship opportunity vacancies in the accounting and tax field, so we would be able to organise your placement very quickly (probably 1-3 weeks depending on how quickly you complete our compulsory resume and interview training components).

  • You can either be on a student visa, or have completed your studies and be on a graduate visa, or in some cases we can organise an internship visa for you.
  • No. It is not necessary to have a student status or completed your studies in Australia, but you do need some form of visa, and those two are a good option. Your other options may include (but may not be limited to) getting a working holiday visa (depending on which country you’re from), or getting an internship visa (to qualify for this you will need to be 30 years old or younger). However, we would suggest that we better get you a student visa to do an internship here in Australia since getting you an internship visa would take longer and be more expensive. We have contracts / partnerships with over 250 schools in Australia wide which means we can help introduce a good school to you depending on what you want to do. In this way, we can get you a student visa easily.

Engineering placements in general are very rare and difficult to find, especially for international students as host companies are nervous to spend their time training and developing an individual they are concerned might leave their organisation after the training as many host companies only take interns if they have plans to develop them and hire them, especially in engineering. Due to the difficulty and complexity of this placement, our program fee in this case would be $1800 including enrolment fees. If you are only open to accepting a placement in the Perth area, $300 of the program fee would be a non refundable enrolment fee in the event that our host company partners reject you, and we are unable to organise your internship (this fee is to cover part of our administration expenses, host company liaising expenses, training expenses, etc) If however you would be willing to join an internship anywhere in Australia, the non refundable enrolment fee would only be $100 as you would be making it easier for us. We expect that your placement would take between 2 – 6 weeks for us to organise for you.

The statistics is a quite stable 50% across all engineering disciplines Australia wide – but to be clear, this obviously requires that the candidate performs well / fits the host company.

We provide a maximum of 3 interviews per candidate. If you unfortunately fail the first interview, we will organise your 2nd interview, then we will organise a third. However there are occasions where we provide a complimentary interview depending on the circumstances. The reason we generally have a limit of 3 interviews is to protect our company and our companies relationships with our host company partners from the poor conduct of candidates e.g. showing up to interviews late, missing interviews, being rude, etc.

The upside of this is that 95% of our customers pass their first interview. Only 2-3% of customers fail all three (3) interviews.

We provide 5 x one-to-one interview practice session with one of our AIPP specialist trainers.

Our proven training and internship programs are custom designed to help develop each customer succeed in today’s challenging employment market. We aim to ensure that you can achieve the career success you deserve and have already worked so hard for.

To proceed, book a free career consultation with one of our agents to discuss our program in more details from our contact page here.

We also organise a full return of any payments if we don’t deliver our service.

Our host company partners have asked us to screen applicants for them, to make sure that they meet their criteria. It is only after we have screened the candidates that we introduce them to the host company. And from there, the host company will review your application, and tell us if they are interested to take your candidacy further.

Our host companies do not want to be contacted (harassed) by unsuitable candidates. Screening the candidates is one of the services our host company partners expect from us. So for this reason we can not tell you who our host companies are.

Additionally, you need to recognise that ultimately the host company needs to accept you. Meaning it is also their choice whether they will accept you.

Therefore our process is for you to specify your preferences to us at the time of your application in your enrolment form – details like the location you want to do your internship in, what industry you want to work in, what tasks you want to do / skills you want to develop, etc.

Then, once we have those details from you and your complete application, we will then match you with our suitable host companies and ask them to review your application.

AIPP believes in providing a premium quality service. As such, all enrolments are customised to the individual’s needs and preferred start dates. For this reason, AIPP does not force customers to enrol in fixed intake start dates. You are completely free to choose when to enrol.

There is no maximum as to how early in advance of your placement you should enrol into this program. In fact, the earlier you enrol before you want to start your internship, the more time you are providing AIPP to reserve upcoming internship opportunities for you at our many host company partners, to better match positions with your interests.

As per the program stages & timeframes outlined below, in order to complete the stages of the program required to organise your internship successfully, it is best if you enrol at least 6 weeks before you wish to start your internship

Time is limited and we never get the chance to re-do the exact same moment twice. With this in mind, recognise that your dream to do an internship in Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will have. So why not make it the best possible experience it can be? If you’re sure you want to come to Australia to do an internship, enrol now so we can make your dream your reality.

Actions are the bridge between dreams and reality.

Our trainers and host company partners are ready to support you.

Join our program today and let us help you make your make your career goals become real

Whether you’re currently located overseas, or you’re in Australia, or you’re a student, or you’ve already graduated, if you want to do an internship in Australia, AIPP is the perfect solution for you.

Throughout the course of our company history, we have worked directly with colleges, universities, host companies, government agencies, and individuals from all over the world to organise thousands of professional internship programs in all industries all over Australia, so enrol today we can definitely do the same for you!

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Professional Internship Program Terms & Conditions of Enrolment